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OOC Information
Name: Penbun
Are you over 18?: Y
Contact: (PM@ this journal.

IC Information
Character: Utsuho “Okuu” Reiuji
Age: looks to be in her mid 20s.
Canon: Touhou Project
Canon Point: Post-Hopeless Masquerade

Okuu is a bit of an oddity even when it comes to the phantom country of Gensokyo. Known as a bird brain, pun intended, or an air head she is typically obvious to things around her and grossly misinterprete things other people tell her. The biggest example of this is when a message from the goddess Kanako of Moriya Shrine told her to absorb the god bird Yatagarasu, transforming her into a walking shrine for the Moryia shrine. Unfortunately Okuu, being who she is, instead took in the divine bird and more or less became a walking nuclear reactor. Taking this even further in mistake messages, Okuu believes it her job to use her new powers to destroy the world, much to the dismay of Reimu Haukrei and everyone else in Gensokyo.


She is eventually defeated by Reimu, and took up the job of heating the fire of former hell. This provides energy to the surface and a hot spring has been built over her fire pit that is enjoyed by many but has little to do with Okuu herself. It could also be said that Okuu is “empty” in that she took in the entire being of a divine creature and still remained herself. This means that Yata has no effect on her cheerful and goofy personality and likely never will. Those around her are unsure if she is actually a youkai, as there are specific rules that govern a youkai’s existence, and might be a entirely different sort of creature as indicated as her designation as a Hell Raven.



Im Touhou Hisoutensoku, a fighting game, Okuu can be rather cocky about her nuclear power saying things like “Compared to the Sun, you are but a puny existence.
But I won't show any sympathy.” and “Eh? There's something even more awesome than nuclear energy?” But also shows her empty headeadness revealing that she doesn’t really understand everything about the world around her such as “Hey, it's a shrine maiden.
I can't tell you shrine maidens apart from one another. “ when encountering the shrine maiden Sanye

Etc: If there's anything you'd like to add that isn't found above, put it here.)

Name: Pheonix
Branch: Combatant
Type(s): Physical/Nuclear
Style(s): Buffer

Passive: Offensive

Writing Sample

It was night, normally Okuu was a girl who would sleep away most of the twlight hours, but tonight something compelled her to brave the darkness. Outside her home, she stalked the streets under the bright lights that lit the town around her. It was cold, as spring had yet to pass to summer, but the shiver down her spine was not from the chilled air, but something seemingly summoned by the midnight moon. The “thing” was an eldritch mass of teeth, eyes, and slime that looked like something from a horror novel or film.


The dull witted girl stood there in fear, normally she would off run for her dear life, but something compelled her to stay, and not just simple gaze at the otherwordly being but instead to fight for her very life. Her hand, guided by something dwelling deep with her being, was thrust into her chest as blood spewed from the open wound. Her body felt as if it may collapse, and her brain shut down completely, instead her still beating heart sat in her open hand. Her eyes a strange color, death seemed far away and her heart beating with power beyond human reckoning. Empowered by all the pain she shouted a name she knew only vaguely from books of legend and myth.


“I won’t let you hurt me!” she said before something strange happened. “Come forth, Phoenix!”


And a large burning bird, larger then any that existed in real life, appeared over her head. It’s existence was not one of the psychical realm but a being of the heart and mind. With a new found power ripped from her own body, Okuu charged at the shadowy being wreathed in flames and ready to destroy. Her run came to a halt when her own burning , bathed in the flames of the strange power she had just obtained , crashed into the shadow creature. “I have to protect them!” she yelled, despite having never killed anything bigger then a fly in her entire life. She had expected for the rush to end in her own immolation, but instead, as she slammed arm first into the monster, the intensity of her blazing form wrapped itself around the shadow and quickly melted it into a molten pile of slag before dispersing into the cold night.


Drained and burdened by something very new, Okuu fell to the ground and began to breath heavily. “I think I over did it.” she tried to smile, but her mouth could only fall into a look of exhaustion. She more tired that she had ever been in her life, but it was a good feeling, like a part of her long buried has sprung forth and made itself known for some reason. “No one will believe this.” she said to herself, not knowing just how wrong she was.



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